My advice

Always wear them. Use boots with zips on the inside, buy them two sizes too big, and always buy black.

My experience

I have tried lots of different types of shoes over the years, including Velcro, elastic laces, and elastic sides. For me the best in terms of both look and convenience has turned out to be boots with side zippers.

These are easy to get on due to the zipper, which I do up with the button hook. They also look perfect because they retain the shape of the boot, not the feet inside them. They don’t show swollen feet, and being boots they don’t show the lack of socks.

After many years I realized it was best to buy them about two sizes too big. This makes them easier to get on and more importantly easier to get off. Quads’ feet swell during the day so shoes that were Ok to get on in the morning can be hard to get off at night, and they can cause pressure marks. A few sizes bigger solves this problem.

The key thing is you must wear shoes of some kind, whichever sort you can get on, and that you think look good. No shoes is a recipe for injury and pressure sores. Good solid shoes, like boots also means you can push doors open with no risk of damage to your toes.


the type of shoes I use and how I put them on

Here’s what the experts say

Apparently the health professions do recommend shoes but for reason to do with the shoes helping to keep ankles and toes in good positions

Rule number 11 – Bare feet, or socks only, is a very bad look and very unsafe, so never go anywhere, even around the house, without shoes


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