My advice

If you dont want to spend your life waiting for staff, organising staff, or putting big demands on family and friends learn to do it yourself.

Find a routine that works and stick to it religiously even when life is not going well. Your bowels do not forgive, they make no allowances, they just react to what you eat. For me – the solution is Normacol, and oranges. You may find another solution.

My experience

I’m independent in bowel care because I use a tenodesis splint to give myself an enema every second day. I do this whilst I’m sitting in a commode chair. I put the splint on my left hand, put the enema between the thumb and forefinger, hook my right arm around the push handle of the commode, lean sideways and reach under my backside with my left hand, insert the enema, and then use my wrist extension to get the splint to squeeze the enema.

This works well as long as I take Normacol 12 hours before hand and I eat one orange a day. The Normacol and the orange provide enough fibre to allow the enema to work. Also I generally eat a lot of vegetables and do some exercise. If I let any of these elements slip for three days I have bowel accidents and life becomes difficult and dysfunctional.

Bowel care was the most difficult thing to become independent in (apart from toenail clipping), and its not perfect. Accidents do happen occasionally.

I shower in the commode chair after the bowel routine. It requires a wheelchair accessible (roll-in) shower and a hand shower. I always alter the bathrooms where I live (see houses) so there is no shower cubicle its just an open space with a toilet, shower, hand basin and washing machine.

I go to the toilet and shower every second morning, it takes about and hour and a half.

My tenodesis splint is the gadget I use to squeeze an enema. I can imagine getting a better gadget made. I tried a few times but didn’t get anywhere, so I stopped because the splint works for me, but I’m sure something better could be designed.

There are commodes out there that are designed for people to reach under in the way I do. They definitely make the whole task easier. They have a cut out on the edge of the seat on the side you reach under. I didn’t know about them when I bought mine so it is not like that.




Commode the bed so I can transfer in to it in the morning


splint, hand with the splint, splint ready to squeeze enema

IMG_0112 IMG_0113 IMG_0114


normacol, oranges, enema

Unknown-2 Unknown-3 Unknown

commode with cut outs, other types of tenodesis splints


splint_image tendonesis_splintGOAnywhereCommodenShowerChairSelfPropel2



CLICK HERE to see a guy who does it in a very different way from me

Here’s what the experts say

Basically they say it cant be done

CLICK HERE for more info on tenodesis splints

CLICK HERE for more info on the commode with cut outs

Rule number 7 – You are what you eat.


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