My advice

Get a cleaner.

My experience

I can sweep and vacuum. I have a dustpan and brush with long handles that allows me to sweep my wooden floors. Similarly I have a vacuum cleaner that has various settings and attachments that mean I can vacuum and wash the floor.

However, it is a fairly lengthy and exhausting exercise especially in a house. Its not too bad in a small apartment. Nevertheless a cleaner is a much better idea. In particular, my feeling is that a cleaner is a much better idea than expecting the people I live with to do all the work. I currently only get the cleaner once every three weeks but it is helpful to know they are coming, as there are jobs I can’t do.

Washing the dishes is no problem, if you have a sink with knee room underneath. I also have a dishwasher which does a much better quality job than I can, however I do find it a bit difficult to get the stuff out of the dishwasher.

Putting the rubbish out has always been a bit of a problem everywhere I have lived. That is another area where cleaners can help.


A long handled dustpan and brush similar to mine


Here’s what the experts say

CLICK HERE for a list of assistive cleaning gadgets from the NSW Independent Living Centre, some of which would be good for quads

Rule number 23 – Its important for self esteem that the house is not too bad, and important for socialising that you can invite people over.


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