My advice

Whenever you can’t decide between two shirts, because you know one looks better but you think it might be considered overdressed, always go with the overdress.

In work and your private life the same rule applies, no-one ever thinks badly of you for being better dressed than everyone else. So wear good quality shirts not T-shirts, and jackets not jumpers.

T-shirts are designed for young men with waists and big shoulders. Quads have neither so don’t wear them. Jumpers look as bad as T-shirts on quads, so buy jackets and get them altered so you get them on and off.

The key thing is to take charge and take an interest. Don’t just accept what others get you. In fact refuse to let them buy for you, and refuse to just accept what is in the shops if its not quite right. There are millions of alterations places that can shorten things, let things out, put more buttons on, or swap buttons for other things. Get the look you want, not the look your wife, mother or nurse gives you.

My experience

When I go out wearing jeans and a jumper or T shirt, shops are much slower to serve me and almost no-one smiles at me. When I go out wearing my good quality shirts, and/or a suit lots of women smile at me and I get good service just about everywhere.

As a result I never wear T shirts anymore. It took me about 10-15 years of being a quad to realize T-shirts make quads look bad, same thing with jumpers. T-shirts are fine if you have a waist and big shoulders. Quads have neither so I don’t wear them.

This approach is harder. I have to get the shirts and jackets altered, and they can be harder to get on and off. However, now that I realise how much better I get treated at work functions, cafes, bars etc I have no doubt it is worth the effort. So now I try to overdress at all times and it has transformed my life. I now take pleasure in choosing and putting on good clothes that I like.

I have learnt that good quality shirts with vertical stripes and button down collars maximise these positive benefits, so I mainly buy that type of shirt. Vertical stripes are good because they disguise the quad belly. A proper collar that stands up is good because it minimises the effect of the sloped and slightly hunched shoulders that most of us quads have. Button down collars means the collar stays vertical even when you don’t, or can’t, iron your shirt.

I have also learnt that shirt size is based around neck size. For quads this means the right size shirt for your neck is too big for your arms, because our shoulders are not as big as they should be due to the lack of muscle mass. This means any shirt that fits you around the neck and body will probably need the arms shortened. I get the arms of all my shirts shortened by about 10 cm.

Picture: CLICK HERE to see three graduation pics of me. The first two are 20 and 15 years prior to the third one. The third one illustrates the benefits of taking more care with your appearance.

Here’s what the experts say

CLICK HERE for some tips

CLICK HERE for SCI Australia stuff on fashion

CLICK HERE to see what can happen to you if you  let other people take control of your look

My rule number 12 – Always overdress – The shirt maketh the man

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